Indigo-3G's Lasting Effects

Since using Indigo-3G, the stubborn fat spots on my abdomen and lower back have diminished significantly. I’ve been on it almost two months.
Will the fatty areas return if I stop the Indigo-3G?
Two months use has been effective, I just wonder how long it’ll take to make the fat areas go away completely?
I admit that the problem areas I’m talking about have been there a long time.

  1. Not if you eat healthy and exercise.

  2. 43 days, 6 hours, 41 minutes and 13.2 seconds. Exactly.

Kidding, kidding, that’s just a question we can possibly answer for you. Way too many factors and unknowns involved. Congrats on your progress so far though!

I’m an almost daily lifter and have a squeaky clean diet except for a weekend cheat meal. Been that way for years.
Indigo 3G has made this difference as nothing else has changed. From the progress I’ve seen so far, another two months might just do it.
I have considered liposuction but didn’t like the process or the recovery time. Indigo 3G is way cheaper and better for you.

Also (saying the obvious) liposuction is leaving the metabolism problem in place. So much better to have the body operating as it should, rather than with metabolism impaired by chronic low grade inflammation.

Most likely, given the success of your two month course, you can reduce dosage or frequency and still have continued improvement with your level of exercise and care to diet. If you wish to, I’d feel confident in reducing to 4 capsule dosage and not necessarily every day of the week and see what happens.

Indigo-3G is truly awesome. For me, I found I started to put on some midsection fat within a couple weeks of running out of Indigo-3G. I have reordered and won’t let that happen again. Of course, I’m not eating very clean or working out everyday, so your results may vary.

Will taking digestive enzymes with Indigo-3G diminish its effects at all?

No problem there!

Thanks for always being so readily available with the answers, Bill.

Much appreciated.

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