I’m getting ready to start cutting for my first show. I’m about a month away from cutting and I read the information about Indigo-3G and I’m curious if it would help. When reading about it it seems more like something I should take after my show to help me stay lean when I start adding more carbs back into my diet after the show. If anybody has an experience with Indigo and please let me know.


First congratulations on deciding to take the plunge and compete for the first time. Going through the process teaches us so much about ourselves; particularly how our bodies respond to diet and exercise.

I started using Indigo-3G a little over 2 years ago and I consider it a “sleeper supplement.” What I mean is it’s not like taking niacin and immediately feeling that flushed/tingling sensation, or like taking Plazma and getting ridiculously pumped the very first workout. Indigo-3G is more subtle, but there’s also a reason I never come off of it.

Science aside, I feel it makes me much more insulin sensitive. Heightened insulin sensitivity while dieting simply ensures the nutrients I consume get preferentially shifted to muscle vs. fat. I3G comes highly recommended by me for a cutting phase. Be sure to consume it 30 minutes before you start sipping Plazma on training days.

All the best!

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robt, from my experience I definitely second everything from Mark. Indigo is a really versatile supplement, and will be put to good use if your training and nutrition is in line. Right now I am also prepping for a contest, and Indigo, along with Micro-PA, has allowed me to actually INCREASE carbs and cals as I continue, due to the efficiency which I’m using the carbs on training days. On non training days I have a slight deficit with all protein/fat meals, training days I have a medium and high day and use Indigo and Micro on these days. Over the past 4 weeks alone I’ve seen some very surprising improvements. If you want to use it for a cut, it’ll certainly help ensure the carbs you consuming will be put to good use, and as Mark said, help maintain insulin sensitivity.

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I agree with Mark, it’s a great supplement for a cutting as well as post contest. I take it year round and find it very beneficial for all stages of my prep. It’s a great supplement for body composition and it keeps me feeling/looking full even while dieting.

Training days - take 6 capsules 30 min prior to training and sip on your Plazma throughout your whole session.
Non-training days - take 6 capsules before your biggest carb meal of the day.

It’s a supplement that I recommend taking long term. Before I started using it I was consuming about 300-400g of carbs per day and shortly after starting I was up to 500-600g/day and over time I have found that I can continue to eat more and more. Due to the heightened insulin sensitivity (as mark mentioned) it is very effective in helping your body absorb carbohydrates and in turn you are able to consume a lot more food while dieting and losing fat than you would be able to without this supplement.

I truly believe this is the closest you’ll get to a “magic pill”. It’s the best way to keep your carb intake high and have the ability to keep training volume high while dieting for a show. All of my clients use Indigo-3G as well and have had a lot of success.

Good luck with your prep for the show and please feel free to keep us updated and ask questions during the process.

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Thanks everyone for their comments! It helps getting the input. @Mark_Dugdale @Amit_Sapir @robstein I will keep updating the post as I go if I have questions!

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