When is the best time for me to supplement with Indigo-3G?

8:30am - 30g protein shake
10:30ish - MD Bar
11 - Micro-PA
12 - workout
1 - Surge Recovery
1:30ish - lunch - typically high in protein, decent amount of complex carbs
8pm-ish - dinner

With your current schedule it looks like 11:30 would be the time, 30 minutes prior to your session. Micro PA looks good an hour before at 11, Indigo at 11:30, workout at 12. Also, hoping you are eating between a 1:30 lunch and 8:00 dinner! Another small meal around 4:30/5:00 would be ideal.

Good luck!

A couple other things you might want to consider, if affordable for you. Assuming that your 12:00 workout is a weight-training workout (rather than conditioning or cardio), then you would probably benefit from having one dose of Plazma before it. You could take the Plazma along with the Indigo at 11:30 or take the Plazma separately around 11:45, if that is convenient.

In my experience either way works well. In addition, if you don’t want to or can’t eat a small meal around 4:30 or 5:00, as Robstein suggests, a good (maybe even better depending on your goals) alternative would be a MAG-10 pulse around that time. Good luck!

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