Indigo-3G & Workout BCAAs


I am looking to start taking Indigo-3G. Upon reading a few forum posts about the timing of taking it, I have another follow up question.

On training days if the only pre-workout I take are BCAAs would I just take Indigo-3G with my post workout meal (usually my largest and heaviest carb meal of the day).

Would I get results in doing so, or should I start taking pre-workout meals/supplements.

I mainly train in Crossfit and was wondering if you had supplementation suggestions for a crossfit athelte.


Workout nutrition is crucial and BCAAs alone won’t do much at all. We suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma or <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel for anyone training hard. Indigo-3G would be taken about 30 minutes before beginning the workout nutrition.

Thanks for the reply! If taking Surge or Plazma what length of time would I take this before working out? Just to clarify if I workout at 6:30pm everyday would it look like this:
Indigo 3G 5:30pm
Plazma or Surge 6:00pm
Workout 6:30pm
End of workout 7:30pm Plazma or Surge again

Would it also be possible to see the supplementation guide you guys would use for a competitive crossfit athlete?

For your timing questions, you can view all the labels at the store. Just follow label directions. Your schedule looks good, though Plazma should be used up during the workout.

I’ll PM (private message) your supplement guide for CF competitors.

Thanks for all your help, excited to try it all out!

I actually wouldnt mind the supp guide for Crossfit as well…

[quote]Parkerj2 wrote:
I actually wouldnt mind the supp guide for Crossfit as well…[/quote]

We’ll PM it to you.

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