Indigo-3G with Meals

So the Biotest supplement protocol Christian Thibaudeau used while training this way calls for using Indigo-3G WITH a Finibar 30 minutes prior to warming up.

Obviously this was probably to save time. On the label, Indigo-3G is recommended to be taken 30 minutes prior to starting workout supplementation.

How much less effective would Indigo be if I took it with something small 30-45 minutes before my workout? I plan on using Plazma intra-workout.

I wanted my schedule to look something like this:
5:00am - Whey protein, white rice, and Indigo-3G
5:45am - Workout Start, start drinking Plazma
6:00am - Finish Plazma, but continue with workout

I do much better in general with solid food pre workout and Plazma intra, especially first thing in the morning. But I also want to keep Indigo-3G there without having to wake up even earlier.

Thanks for all the help! I’m loving Biotest products right now.

Well, this is hard to say. All we can really say is, for best results, follow label directions. Or at least do the best you can. I suggest what I call the “wake n’ take” for morning lifters. Have your Indigo-3G at the bed side with a bottle of water. Wake… and take. That will probably add 10-15 minutes of “extra time”. After all, you’re probably not opening your eyes and shoveling food in right away, right? This will give Indigo a head start to speak.

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