Indigo-3G vs Micro-PA or Both?

Good evening Biotest,

I’m a big fan of Plazma and MAG-10, been using them for awhile now for peri-workout. Currently one scoop Plazma pre workout, one during. Two scoops MAG-10 post workout. I was thinking of adding Indigo-3G or Micro-PA to the mix.

Im in pretty decent shape (6’, 210#), but at 38 seem to have a tougher time losing stubborn belly fat these days (current focus). I understand these supps perform two different services, but only looking to add one or the other unless it really makes sense to do so. Thanks for your opinion!

I haven’t tried Micro-PA, but using indigo-3G daily has me at about 200-400 carbs a day and still shredding down while gaining a bit. Using Indigo-3G also puts my mind at ease with diet in general - this is priceless.

Thanks for quick reply Colbstar, much appreciated. I was leaning towards Indigo-3G, would be nice to be able to take in a little more carbs and relax with respect to diet a little. Interested to see what Mr. Shugart might have to add…

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G would be my suggestion as well. Once all those underlying nutrient uptake and partitioning issues are taken care of, it’s amazing how much you can “eat for gains” without adding body fat, plus it makes it really easy to lose body fat and keep it off without any crazy diet adjustments. My favorite Biotest supp of all time.

perfect, on order. Thanks for the quick reply!

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