Indigo-3G vs Fat Burner - Is This Even a Thing?

Hello Everyone,

So I’ve drinking a Fat Burner, with really good results for the last 60 days. I’ve dropped around 20+ pounds (257 to 236 now). so now is time to buy more of this Vintage Burn fat burner, or is it?.

I’ve reading about Indingo-3G and to be honest what the fat burners tell you they do is, “tell your body to use fat as their main source of energy” and creates that thermogenic effect, while indigo reduces the size of the fat cells and send more glucose to the Muscles.

so can I buy Indigo instead of my fat burner, should use them both (not what I want, nor can afford) or Indigo will help me loose fat and preserve muscle while not eating tons of carbs?

Also what’s difference between BioTest indigo and those black beans extracs for 3GC?

I drink Plazma pre and intra, and I’m waiting for my Mag 10,

Vincent Guerrero

[quote=“v_davidguerrero, post:1, topic:6565”]
so can I buy Indigo instead of my fat burner, should use them both (not what I want, nor can afford)[/quote]
A fat burner burns calories and sometimes reduces appetite. Indigo-3G helps your body to build muscle and use nutrition more efficiently, which is a “bigger” result than simply burning calories. So the better choice is definitely Indigo.

Indigo-3G basically teaches your body how to better use carbs, so people find that they can (and should) include carbs in their diet when training hard, eating right, and using Indigo. Sticking to a low-carb diet while using Indigo is only going to be partly effective, like going to the gym but avoiding barbells. You can still get some work done, but you’re missing out on the big players.

I’ve never heard of black bean extract for fat loss. It appears to be a different source of C3G, but I’m not familiar with it. Really though, if it was a more efficient or more effective source, it would’ve been used in Indigo instead of berries. Indigo, specifically, also contains an emulsifying system that improves absorption.

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