Indigo-3G® Timing

Jeremy asks:

I’m very interested in trying Indigo-3G® and I’m just wanting a bit more info on the timing of taking the product.

I noticed it says to take 30mins before dinner on an empty stomach and to take 30mins prior to training. With the hours I work it will be too difficult to consume 30 mins before my pre workout, can I take it at the same time and it still be beneficial? And with the serving before dinner, is that just on rest days? Because on training days, I get back from the gym, have a post workout smoothie and usually within 1 hour I’ll start preparing dinner, so my stomach won’t exactly be empty.

Certainly not doubting your schedule, but curious as to why you can’t take it 30 minutes prior to starting your workout nutrition? Could you take it an hour beforehand? The effects of Indigo-3G last for hours, so I’d lean towards taking it earlier rather than at the same time as your workout nutrition/workout.

As for the pre-dinner dose, you’re correct. That’s for your non-training days. You could also take it prior to your highest carb meal those days if it isn’t dinner.

I work in meat processing and it is a big plant that I work in and towards the end of the day I can’t easily run out to my locker and take it. Also I can’t take it into the work area with me because they don’t like any food or any consumable that could potentially contaminate the product. So yeah.

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