Indigo-3G Timing/Split Dose?

I workout very early in the AM. Per my understanding Indigo-3G has about a 6 hour window. Any chance that taking 1/2 prior to workout and then 1/2 before first large meal might extend the window and effectiveness?

My gut says that you’re better off taking the full dose with training (or highest carb meal on non-training days).

It’s been mentioned that while Indigo-3G is active in the bloodstream for six hours that the overall effects of it last longer. If I remember correctly, the original Indigo-3G dosing was six capsules twice per day, but with changes to the formula and more insight on how it works over time, they felt that once per day was optimal.

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Not really, mostly because you’re taking a lower dose in each serving. Like SBT said, sticking with a full serving in one go is gonna be the best approach.

Even if you have some really weird schedule where you’re training at 5:00am and not eating anything until 3:00pm (not a great idea), then I’d say to address your overall nutrition approach instead of tweaking the supplement timing.

The pre-workout serving puts your body in a position to capitalize on the significant physiological/hormonal response to training (insulin sensitivity, nutrient partitioning, the whole nine).

The pre-biggest-meal serving capitalizes on the same principle at the next-best time, since there’s obviously no workout kickstarting those same processes on non-training days. But getting the full serving pre-workout makes sure you’re definitely getting the most benefit from Indigo-3G.

Now, all that said, technically the recommended serving size is 4-6 capsules and 4 caps does delivers the minimum effective dose, but the overwhelming majority of people take the full 6 caps and reap maximum benefits.

You could experiment with 4 caps twice a day, just know that you’d go through the bottle quicker (since you’d be using 8 total caps per day) and wouldn’t necessarily get “better” overall results compared to a higher dose once a day, especially if the servings are timed pretty close together and the effectiveness window overlaps.

Very helpful, thank you!

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