Indigo-3G Timing Post-Workout?

I know it’s suggested to take Indigo-3G before starting workout supplementation but I don’t have really take any supplements or carbohydrates before my workout. Can I take Indigo-3G after my workout on empty stomach before drinking my post workout shake? My post workout shake is the only time of the day I ingest lots of carbohydrates, which is why I was thinking about taking Indigo-3G only after the workout before the shake.

Is there a specific reason you’re not having carbs before your workout? Science has taught us that peri-workout (before and during) nutrition is preferred. Using Indigo-3G combined with peri-workout nutrition is a recipe for success.

Sure, you can take it post-workout before your shake, but if you can swing the alternative outlined above, all the better.

Yeah, like SBT said, I’m really wondering why this is.

Like, are you waking up and then having to start training a couple of minutes later or something? I’d take it ASAP on waking if that’s the case, and still get some workout nutrition in there during the session.

Indigo-3G stays active and working in your system for about six hours, so maybe factor that into your timing. Taking it after training is definitely sub-optimal, so you’re compromising on the benefits there.

Depending on how your day looks, I might consider just having it with dinner in that case. Or try the post-workout thing for a while and see how you feel/respond.

Thank you for responding.

I usually wake up, have a solid breakfast and like to workout not too long after my breakfast. I take EAAs before my workout and sip on them during the workout.

The reason why I was thinking about taking Indigo-3G afte the workout is because the directions say to take it on empty stomach. Since I workout 1.5-2 hours after breakfast, I didn’t think I would be on empty stomach and able to take Indigo since not long has gone by after my solid meal. Wouldn’t I still have food in my stomach only two hours after breakfast?

I also like to have big insulin spikes only after workouts and keep it under control before my workout early in the morning. It has worked great for me. Has kept me lean and still very strong with good size.

I wanted to start taking Indigo to eat more carbs after workout and have them partitioned to my muscles only. If I’m going to have carbs after the workout and I wanted to make sure my stomach was empty before taking Indigo, I was going to take it towards the end of my workout to make sure breakfast left my stomach, before taking my carbohydrates in my post WO shake.

To summarize, main reason to take it after the workout is because I wanted to make sure I was on empty stomach as directed and because I like to spike my insulin after the workout. I felt like taking it before breakfast would be too far from the carb spike post workout.

By the way, I train twice a day. Morning and early afternoon.

If I am supposed to take Indigo-3G on empty stomach and before starting workout supplements, how long after a solid meal should I take Indigo before my workout?

This is pretty much my main concern. How long after a meal can I take indigo before my workout to maximize absorption?

I’d take the Indigo-3G ASAP after waking. Keep 'em bedside if needed. It’ll be able to get to work on the nutrients in the food and still be kicking in for hours, so you’re covered post-workout.

I’d definitely take it before breakfast then, since there’s such a big gap before training. At that point, the food has already affected your insulin levels and aminos are floating around your system.

Indigo-3G beforehand will put them to work immediately, compared to eating and having your body start storing those nutrients and then taking Indigo-3G at a time when it doesn’t have the nutrients to actually put to use.

Two hours or so would fall under the “empty stomach” category. Like, technically there’s food in your stomach for something like 8 hours during the digestion process of a meal. The guideline is more about not taking it with food and having the stomach be “relatively” empty so absorption of the Indigo isn’t delayed.

Thank you.

If I was going to have a more solid pre-workout nutrition/supplementation, should I have breakfast and 2 hours after breakfast take Indigo then start taking pre-workout supplements? That would also work right?

This would make sure nutrient partitioning is fully covering pre and post workout nutrition plus a solid meal after the workout…?

I am going to start taking a carbohydrate powder around my workout that has 250mg beetroot powder. Is that a problem when taking Indigo?

Yep, that would work. It’d be a pretty standard issue timespan: pre-workout meal… Indigo… pre-workout nutrition… train.

That should be fine because seems like a relatively low dose.

Thank you.

Is raw honey good for post workout carbs while being on indigo? Is honey too high on certain polyphenols that may inhibit indigo?

Since normal whey protein causes digestive issues for me, I will be drinking a fermented whey protein that comes from kefir, so it will contain some live bacteria and probiotics. This whey protein makes me feel great after workouts with no stomach problems.

Natural occurring live bacteria from probiotics of kefir after workout shouldn’t be a problem for indigo right?

Thank you.

I don’t expect you’ll be having several tablespoons, so it should be fine.

I haven’t heard of issues on that front, nope.

Sounds good. Thank you

I like buckwheat as a source of carbs sometimes for my post workout meal. Buckwheat contains some polyphenols like quercetin.

If I take Indigo-3G before my workout, have my post workout meals 2 hours after I took Indigo-3G. Would it be ok to have buckwheat since it’s been 2 hours since I took Indigo-3G? Or could it inhibit its benefits.

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