Indigo-3G Timing. How Long is it in Your System?

One thing I’ve learned is that there is no way around proper diet and training hard to get desired results. Having said that, I was obese for most of my life (I’m 24, made the change about 4 years ago), and even still, I have to plan each macro and kick my own ass in the gym, because if I dont, I put on fat like nobody’s business. Im hoping Indigo 3g will help me overcome this. Questions below:

How long is it in your system? On training days my carb intake is around pre/post workout, and I will have carbs at dinner as well, which is about two and a half hours after my post workout meal. So, if I take indigo 3g preworkout, is it still working by the time dinner rolls around 4/5 hours later? If I eat carbs 2-3 times on off days (not around dinner), so when would be the right time to take it? If it stays in your system then I figure taking it with my am carbs would be best since it will still work when I eat carbs at my 3rd meal, but if not, then when would I take it?

Yep. It’s in your system for about 6 hours, so you’re covered.

On non-training days, just take it before whatever your biggest and/or highest-carb meal is. I think the label says “before dinner”, but if you’re low/no-carb at dinner but have carbs during the day, you want the Indigo before a carb meal so it can more efficiently act as a nutrient repartitioner and do its job telling the carbs what to do and where to go.

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