Indigo-3G Timing and Peri Workout Nutrition

I am just starting to use Indigo and have already seem some lean gains. I just have two quick questions.

1 The instructions on the bottles say to take the pill on an empty stomach. How long after the previous meal should I wait to take the pill?

2 To get more carbs and protein before/ during my workout, I have started mixing Beef/Egg white protein with gatorade which adds to 20 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs before and during my workout. I realize Plazma, MAG-10 and surge are probably better but my parents are paying for this (I am a senior in high school) and I don’t want to push it with too many expensive and unfamiliar supplements at once. Do you have any better cost effective suggestions for my workout nutrition protocol?

thank you in advance for your help

  1. There’s no real way to judge “empty stomach.” Depends on what you ate and how much. Better to just plan to take before workouts and then another dose before a meal, per label. You’re probably not eating then going to right to the gym anyway, right? Tip: Keep servings at least 6 hours apart.

  2. Sorry, not really. We only deal with the highest quality, most proven workout nutrition supplements. But at the very least, get some whey rather than beef and egg protein powder.

Ok thank you. I may be able to buy one more supplement. What peri workout nutrition supplement would you suggest for an 18 year old baseball player at 6’1 185 at 11% bf looking to put 5-10 pounds of muscle on before the spring that is already on Indigo and ZMA?

First, it’s good to see a young athlete researching smart supplementation, and it’s good on your parents not to be freaked out about it!

If Plazma isn’t in the budget right now, look into <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery. I’d lean toward SWF since it’s used peri-workout: before, during and after. Remember, you need good carbs to get the most of your Indigo-3G usage, so these would help.

ZMA is great, but for an 18 year old with a specific time-framed goal of muscle gain and a budget, I’d rather see you spend that extra on workout nutrition or a protein shake to use between meals, like <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive. Your parents would also probably be very open to something like <a href=""target=“new”>Finibar to use before training since it’s a bar and not “pills” (sometimes freaks parents out.) Finibar would also provide quality carbs for your Indigo to repartition into muscle gains.

And don’t forget good ol’ <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Monohydrate which you could use for pennies a day. If using a workout drink, just toss it into that.

Thank you for the advice, Chris. I will buy the Surge Workout Fuel. About the Finibar and Metabolic Drive, I am hesitant to buy either one because of my deciding to go paleo plus, rice, oats and sweet potatoes for carbs. Basically, no wheat dairy or soy nonsense.

This has worked for me as i have leaned out considerably since starting to eat in this manner. Dairy gives me acne and adds a bit of bloating. Do people who have dairy intolerances have problems with Finibars or Metabolic Drive? I realize there is no gluten in either product so I am good with that aspect of it.

About the parents and supplements issue. It amazes me how willingly American parents will put their kids on ADD meds while feeding them sugary fortified crap (cereal) for breakfast, animal crackers and apple juice for snacks and Pizza at dinner, but won’t buy their kids protein powder or supplements when they want to build muscle. And they wonder why their kids have ADD when they feed them sugary nonsense all day and wonder why they are so chubby and weak. They then blame that on saturated fat. Ha! Funny yet sad stuff.

“Full paleo” is probably not the best option for a guy trying to gain muscle, so good choice there. Sounds like you’re mainly just deleting the junk: wheat, milk, soy, etc. That’s great! This is basically how I eat myself.

As for dairy, it’s liquid cow’s milk itself that (I personally think) should be avoided for various reasons. Quality protein powder derived from milk sources doesn’t have any of the same drawbacks. In lay terms, all the stuff that makes some people avoid milk isn’t in there. Most people with a lactose issue can use usually handle Metabolic Drive and can always handle Finibar. And Metabolic Drive and Finibar do not contain soy protein. T Nation is actually the site the broke the news to the bodybuilding community 12 or 13 years ago about why you should avoid soy, so we certainly wouldn’t add it to our supplements.

Good choice on Surge Workout Fuel. Sounds like you have a great plan of attack in the works!

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