Indigo-3G & Supp Combo for Crazy Schedule

hello everyone,I wanted to get some help here: currently I’m not training & stopped all my supplements the past 6 months due to my wife & I having newborn twins. I’m gonna get back to training in june and wanted to see how to add Indigo-3G into my plan & if my supplement timing is correct?

I’ m gonna start back on my supplement this week here they are:

4000 iu vitamin drops wake up
6 pills Flameout wake up
4 Curcumin (Biotest) wake up & lunch
3 Rez-V (Biotest) wake up
6 pills mineral support before bed
4 pills vitamin k 400 mg lunch
4 pills calcium 1200 mg lunch

Another kicker for myself is my work schedule. I’m a wholesale seafood distributor and my sleep patterns and wake up time change frequently. This has left me wondering if i’m taking my food and supplements at the right time to maximize them.

I normally start my day at 6 am three days a week (MON,WED,THUR)and two days a week I start my day at 1:45 am(TUE FRIDAY). My work days end at 6am-4pm(MWTH) & 1.45 am-12 pm (TUE,FRIDAY). Currently my partner is away on vacation so my days start at 1:45 am-5:00pm MON-FRIDAY. When I’m training its usually at 8 pm (sun,mon,tue,fri). could use some advice thanks nick

If you can, I would move the Flameout to lunch. You want to take that as late as possible in the day. I would say take it with your last meal, but if you’re training at 8pm, it’s not a bad idea to avoid anti-inflammatory supements after your workout. Inflammation sparked by a workout is the kind we want in order to repair and grow. The same theory applies to your Curcumin doses, which are okay.

As for Indigo-3G, just follow the label directions. Take four to six capsules once per day on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to dinner on your off days (make that your largest carb meal) and 30 minutes prior to starting your workout supplementation (peri-workout drink, Plazma) on training days.

Thank you for the feedback with the supplements. Gonna start it up tonight…

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