Indigo-3G Super Maintenance Dose?

Hey Chris I remember a while back you experimented with 8 Indigo-3G caps for a ‘super maintenance dose.’ I was wondering if it showed anymore benefits than the 6 capsule maintenance dose?

Once you have used <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G for a full-dose cycle – 12 capsules per day for 8 weeks – the recommended 6-capsule maintenance dose will be all you really need. (“Maintenance dose” of 6 capsules of Indigo-3G is still a hefty and powerful amount to use, especially when taken with pre-workout nutrition.)

I did use 8 as a super-maintainance dose and yes, I do think 8 is more powerful than 6, but after using 12 for an extended period of time I felt that Indigo-3G had largely taken care of any nutrient uptake issues, dysfunctional fat cells etc. With those things “cured” by the full dosage I found that 6 is just fine for me.

What I will do however, is an occasional 12 capsule day. I think of this as a “booster day” and try to time those days on very carby days. I may do this a couple of times per month, especially when mass is the main goal and food intake is higher than normal. If I had to choose between super-maintenance or the “booster day” I’d go with the booster.

It’s not necessarily needed, but it makes feel me confident when carbs hit upwards of 600-700g per day.

Thanks for the detailed answer Chris!
btw im assuming the ‘booster dose’ was 6 caps twice a day?

[quote]dlee34 wrote:
Thanks for the detailed answer Chris!
btw im assuming the ‘booster dose’ was 6 caps twice a day?[/quote]


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