Indigo-3G, Rez-V & Flameout at the Same Time

Hi All,

Keen to get your thoughts and/or previous experience in taking Indigo-3G, Rez-V and Flameout at the same time.

Thanks in Advance.

@prashi_iyer, there’s two things with this, both basically revolving around the Indigo.

First, the label use is to take Indigo either before workout nutrition or before dinner. You wouldn’t take Flameout before training, and I probably wouldn’t take something with a strong antioxidant effect like Rez-V too soon pre-training either.

So that means, at least on training days, you wouldn’t take those three things “together” meaning not at the same time. You can certainly take them throughout the day, just not literally at the same time.

Second thing, some very concentrated sources of fruit may interfere with maximal absorption of Indigo if taken “at the same time”, so to play on the extra-safe side it may be best to also not take Rez-V at the exact same time as Indigo and to just have them a few hours apart.

Long story short, it’s fine to take them all in the same day, but not “at the exact same moment, one big mouthful of 12 pills.”

Thanks Chris. Appreciate your suggestions. Cheers

Hi Chris,

Sorry to bother you again. But keen to get your thoughts on the below.

I train in the mornings (5am) so was planning on having my Rez-V and Flameout after my post workout meal (breakfast) and then have my Indigo-3G prior to dinner.

Would following the above be suitable to break up the supplementation?

Thanks in Advance.

I’d still flip those around a bit on days you train and have the Indigo as soon as you wake up, even if that’s like 4:45 (are you using workout nutrition like Plazma?). That way the nutrients can still do their thing when you’re working out. On day’s you don’t train, with dinner is obviously fine.

Also when you train, I’d push the Rez-V and Flameout to lunch instead of with the first meal post-workout wen your muscles are still highly sensitive.

This article discusses why you don’t want to squash inflammation immediately after training, which Flameout would help do. And one of the points in this article discusses why you don’t want strong antioxidants around your workout. Rez-V has antioxidant properties so that would count, in my mind, to be double-safe.

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