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Hello All

I’ve got a few qusestions on Indigo-3G and the Indigo-3G workout protocol. A little background on me first that might help with the answers.

I used Indigo-3G from September 2012 to the begining of January 2013. I was using the old Anaconda in conjunction with Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10 as my workout nutrition along with the I Bodybulder workouts. Let me say I was SUPER impressed with the results, I went from 195 at 6’1 to 215 in less than 4 months and my pant size went from 34 to 32.

So that means I lost fat along with the 20 pound weight increase. Now I am no where near the hardcore level that most readers are here. I at most before that protocol worked out 3 times a week tops. Anyways I lost my job and had to discontinue the Indigo-3G at that point and moved to a new town.

So now my questions. I am about to start back on Indigo-3G on Monday after a 2 year absence and also I have not worked out since Febuary of this year. I am embarassed to admit that being that I’ve been a Biotest customer since 2002, but it is where I’m at today.

I am 230 with a 38 inch waist now, so losing fat along with gaining muscle and strength back is my priority. I also will be using Plasma for the first time.

Question 1. I have 2 older bottles of Indigo-3G that I am assuming is from Sept or Oct. 2012 that I never opened. Are they still good and since it is the older formula do I still need to take it twice a day instead of once a day like the 2 bottles I just bought?

Question 2. I am going to start on phase 1 of the strength workout of the Indigo protocol. Does the specialization workout that I choose need to be done after every workout?

Question 3. I plan on taking Biotest’s Curcumin and Superfood. I know Superfood needs to be spaced out at least 6 hours from my Indigo dose, what about the Curcumin?

Thanks in advance!

  1. I’d use them myself. But you may want to contact Biotest Customer Service to be sure. I’d personally suggest using it twice per day for a few weeks at least, then once per day.

  2. You’ll need to ask Coach Thibaudeau that in one of his Q & A forums here on T Nation.

  3. No need to space out Curcumin.

CT and some of the other forum members have said that for specialization workouts, you only pick one if you have a big problem feeling a muscle working. You add this workout on the 6th day and only for 1 phase at a time (4 weeks). CT himself has said numerous times that the Indigo Project Programs are very demanding and difficult to recover from as they are, so try them for 4 weeks as written before adding any additional work.

I hope this helped!

  • Colby

Thanks Chris and Colbstar, both answers were very helpful!

Being out of the gym for 10 months, I’m wondering if I need to start back on a program that is less than 5 times a week. I will be taking Indigo and Plasma as directed but if those workouts are tough for someone like Thibs, maybe I should start back on something like 6 weeks to Super Hero???

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