Indigo-3G Question

Tom asks:

Thinking of buying this supplement. I only want to take it for a month before starting a new cycle so trying to maximize glucose sensitivity as much as possible. Does it need to build up in the body for a while to work, or will it work for a short 4 week training cycle? Also, I’m carb cycling so was wondering if it is safe to take 2-3 doses on high carb days.

Indigo-3G doesn’t need to build up in your body. It will be effective during those four weeks. Of course with a lot of things, results become even more noticeable around the six-week mark.

The original dosing protocol was twice daily. However, improvements to the formula have been made, so once per day is enough. Indigo-3G remains active for six hours, and the overall effect lasts longer than that.

With that said, if it offers you peace of mind, there’s no harm in twice-per-day dosing.

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