Indigo-3G Question for Chris

Hey brother- I have a question for you if you don’t mind giving me your honest thoughts on. I think we have talked about it before; but I do the IF/Pulse Feast way of eating and totally in love with it. I am actually very torn about what to do with the Indigo deal here.

I have only done the 6 caps a day, which I take about 30 mins prior to starting the Plazma. Then, I eat dinner etc… post workout. I have never done the full dose of IG; so I am thinking that I do not want to short change myself of taking advantage of the “fat cell fixing” that is supposed to occur after being on the full dose.

However, I never and I mean literally never plan on going back to the standard 5 meals a day thing. Pulse feasting is the way for way from now on. SO, with that in mind I am not sure my experiement of going on the full dose for 8 weeks makes any sense. I know all I keep reading is that the IG supposed to “fix” fat cells after the 8 weeks at full dose. So, I want to take advantage of that but at the same time if I am never going to eat meals without the 6 caps. dose that I take with the Plazam is there any advantage? I truly could care less about food and eating during the day and the pulse feasting works so well for me it is actually freaky. I do get a little hungry during the day but I just have a MAG-10.

Anyway, what is your honest opinion? Do you think there is truly any benefit for me to go full dose for 8 weeks then back to 1 x per day with my peri? I would logically think that IG accumulates in a persons system and maybe the same effects of being on the full dose will occur after a longer time of being on 6 caps; however, I am totally guessing!


Glad to hear the Pulse Feasting-style plan has worked so well for you!

It’s an interesting dilemma. My worry about a dose of <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G with no food afterward would be that you might experience some mild hypoglycemic effects, but that doesn’t happen to everyone. And it doesn’t happen pre-Plazma and lifting.

If you’re pulsing with <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 as part of your plan, it may work out fine to have one of those pulses with the morning or mid-day Indigo-3G serving, then another dose before evening training/feasting time like you do now. (Just separate the two servings of Indigo-3G by at least 6 hours.)

I’d say to give it a shot. And you may be fine with just 4-6 weeks of full-dose since you’ve been using the maintenance dose already for a period of time. You could take Indigo-3G with a pulse of MAG-10 or just before it.

If you give it a go, keep us posted!

One more thought: Tim Patterson had me experiment with taking one dose of Indigo-3G per day, but 8 capsules, not 6. Seemed almost as effective as 12, and I pounded the peri-workout nutrition. If I were on an I.F. plan, 8 capsules pre-workout/feast would be a good option if I couldn’t do the standard 2 servings of 6.

Thanks for the advice. I went on the full dose now and I am still going to pulse MAG-10 all day. I am just adding a Finibar in the am about an hour after my MAG-10 and Indigo dose. I may throw in another during the afternoon also. Then my peri etc… will all stay the same.

I dont tink adding 2 Finibars while taking the full dose of Indigo is going to result in any adverse fat gain- at least I hope not! I have a log running in the reactive pump section, so I will update it there with my progress on the full dose. Thanks again.

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