Indigo 3G Question- ALA and Insulin

I have search all over the website and canâ??t seem to find answers to a couple of questions in regards to Indigo.

Is there any advantage to taking R-ala or regular ALA before meals with carbs in additon to the normal I3G protocol? Is this complimentary or overkill?

In theory, wouldnâ??t adding insulin (injection) while on I3G be the ultimate anabolic cocktail?

  1. Not needed at all with Indigo-3G.

  2. Don’t think we’re going to answer drug questions here, sorry.

Taking Indigo-3G (pre-workout or pre-dinner als labeled) for 2 months now. Just read about ALA boosting your insulin sensitivity. Good idea to supplement it?
Taking in the morning with Carnitin, CoQ10, Multivitamine and Flameout? Or together with Indigo-3G?
Thanks for advice.

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