Indigo-3G® Protocol Check

Mark asks:

I have read every article on Indigo-3G®. I am on my 2nd bottle now. I want to verify my protocal. I lift weights fasting at 6am. Immediately afterwards I take 4 Indigo-3G®, then do cardio for 1/2 hr. Immediately afterwards I drink a post workout shake, with 56 grams of high quality carbs and 36 grams of protein. According to the articles, this should work great. Any feedback please?


You want the Indigo before the weights, a half-hour or so ideally, so it has a better chance to do its job, shuttle insulin more efficiently, etc.

Also, and kinda more importantly, you never want to lift fasted because it’ll make growth and recovery that much more difficult. This talks about fasted cardio, but the principles are the same for lifting:

Last thing: If possible, turn the post-workout shake into an intra-workout shake and start sipping it immediately before and during the session. That’ll also solve the “fasted” workout situation since you won’t actually be fasted anymore.

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