Indigo-3G + Plazma + Surge Workout Fuel

I recently took the plunge into Biotest supplements and am decidedly satisfied with the results of Plazma. It seems like I can squeeze out extra sets and postpone soreness during my workouts. Along with Plazma, I pulse Mag-10 first thing in the morning and after workouts.

Now, I’m about to take the next plunge and try Indigo-3G. I’m around 210lbs. and have some stubborn fat around my waist. My current plan is to take my Indigo-3G dose before my workout, but I don’t know where Plazma fits in. Based on reading, it seems like Surge Workout Fuel would be optimal to drink during workout, after Indigo-3G dosing, due to the carb content in Surge Workout Fuel. But peri-workout is when I drink Plazma with good results so far.

Should I drop Plazma altogether? If not, where to Surge and Plazma fit in the pre/peri/post workout protocol?

There’s basically no reason I can think of why, if someone’s using Plazma and seeing good results, they’d intentionally stop using it.

Indigo works great with Plazma and plenty of people, probably safe to say most people, who use Indigo use it with Plazma. Surge Workout Fuel is great too, but if workout nutrition were blackjack, Plazma would be an Ace, SWF would “only” be a King.

Stick with your current plan, with the Mag-10 and Plazma, and just add the Indigo as the label says (30 minutes before starting Plazma pre-training, or before dinner on non-training days).

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Roger that. Thanks for the feedback, Chris.

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