Indigo-3G + Other Supplements

My pre workout is typically caffeine, taurine & l-tyrosine all pill form on an empty stomach soon as I wake up. Then some Plazma about 10-15 mins later before gym.

Few questions, I know I’ve read that Plazma should be taken on its own but would those 3 have any interference with Plazma/Indigo-3G?

I’ve also been taking berberine and citrus bergamot after gym with my breakfast (protein shake + oats in water). Will the Indigo-3G be alright with those 2?

Also would take citrus bergamot/berberine 15 mins/with/just after dinner, previous question relates to whether it would be alright to add Indigo-3G with this? Will Indigo-3G be alright with more general supplements as well (zinc, magnesium, coq10 etc)?

Those shouldn’t affect Plazma because the effects are more neurological than physiological. As in, they don’t really compete with or affect Plazma’s ability to do its job.

I haven’t heard of citrus bergamot other than the essential oil, so I’m not sure about that one. Berberine can have similar nutrient partitioning effects as Indigo-3G, so they’d kinda overlap and be redundant in that regard.

If you’re taking Indigo-3G before training, it’s still effective for the post-training meal (it’s working in your system up to six hours), so the Berberine isn’t doing much extra. I can’t see any added benefit to using them both, and only potential interaction.

In general, yep. I just wouldn’t take them at exactly the same time, like in the same handful, to avoid impacting Indigo-3G.

Thanks Chris, previously used the Plazma/Mag-10 combo went from 18+stone down to 15. Looking forward to see the results after adding indigo, just started GVT and really found how helpful Plazma is. I cramp easily in my hamstrings but can tell the difference when using, lying leg curls can really grind out the last reps. Feel on the verge of cramping but never hits and can get that squeeze.

Great to hear about your previous progress. 3+ stone, like, 40+ pounds?!, is huge work.

Oof, yeah. With that kind of volume, you’re definitely putting it to good use. Stick with it and let us know how it goes.

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