Indigo-3G + Other Supplements

hello people, i am currently taking 1 pak of animal cuts during my early morning cardio session. now I’m thinking of taking Indigo-3G with 1 pak of animal cuts before the workout.the dosage of animal cuts is on point of a day usage.and carb thing while taking Indigo-3G is also currently at 25% bf ,and want to make my fat loss fast.

since animal cuts contain caffeine n green tea extract, can i mix cuts n Indigo-3G for my pre workout?if you have any other choice then suggest me

Animal Pak is a kitchen sink formula that contains a ton of ingredients in pretty small, possibly ineffective doses. But some of those ingredients are antioxidants which can interfere in Indigo being most effective.

Best bet is to use the Indigo-3G as recommended (30 minutes before training or 30 minutes before dinner on non-training days) and ditch the Animal Pak.

If you want a pre-workout boost, Hot-Rox would be the one to go with. But… if you’re currently around 25% bodyfat, I’d work on going hard in training, dialing in your nutrition, and letting the Indigo do its job. You’re in a place where you don’t need a ton of supplements to see great results.

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