Indigo-3G or Surge Workout Fuel?

Due to budget constraints, I can only afford either I3-G or SWF (dairy intolerant so Plazma/Mag-10 are out of the question). I have used I3-G before with great results and with intra-workout nutrition. My current intra-workout nutrition is essentially dextrose and bcaa’s, and while I know it is not optimal, it is better than nothing at the moment. If fat-loss is my primary goal, should I stick with SWF and then add I3-G as I can afford it?

Surge Workout Fuel is a huge step up from dextrose and BCAAs, so I’d upgrade to that first for sure. Makes more sense to improve your basic workout nutrition, instead of adding Indigo on top of the “better than nothing” plan you have now. Adding the Indigo afterwards if the better route.

I have lactose issues and never had problems with Plazma or Mag-10. I may be wrong, but I actually thought Indigo-3G helped with my lactose issue. Probably just my imagination.

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