Indigo 3G or Micro-PA?

I’ve never purchased a supplement from Biostest. However, I’ve been a member on this site for a few years and I always check out the articles/forum posts. I’ve also always wanted to order a few things. I already know I’m going to buy some Plazma. I’ve seen a lot of great things/reviews/posts for both Indigo and Micro.

I know that Indigo allows you to eat a greater amount of carbs and not turn them into fat. I don’t know much about Micro-PA in terms of what it actually does. My goals: I’m trying to lean out and also build muscle (Who isn’t right?!) I currently carb cycle and do alternate fasts.

My question is…For any of you who have tried both, What would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance for the help!

I’ve tried both for extended periods of time and this is an easy decision - Indigo 3G.

It’ll improve insulin sensitivity, which when taken before Plasma will increase it’s effectiveness during training. During the normal course of the day, it’ll help you handle carbs better.

It’ll also reduce inflammation in fat cells, which will cause a noticeable shift in body composition.

Micro-PA is suppose to stimulate mTor, which is one of the major pathways for muscle growth. It might work for some but I haven’t noticed anything beyond a minor increase in strength.

Indigo 3G and Plasma are true game-changers but give them a couple months to really notice significant improvement.

[quote]ShotsFired wrote:
I currently carb cycle and do alternate fasts.[/quote]
As a heads up, you may want to reconsider this approach if you start Indigo. It’s a nutrient repartitioner, so it needs things to work on. Carb cycling you can probably get a way with for a while as long as you take it before whatever carb meal (or training) you have on your “low” days. But fasting, while some people do see some fat loss results, is just about 180-degrees away in terms of maximizing the effect of Indigo.

I usually explain the difference as: Indigo is for when fat loss is the number one priority and building muscle is a close-second goal. Micro-PA is for when building muscle is the number one priority and fat loss is a close-second goal.

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Thanks for the info Chris! I ended up ordering some Micro-PA. I’ll probably end up getting Indigo soon too but figured I’d give Micro-PA a shot. I’ll keep a log and everyone know how it goes

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