Indigo-3G on Refeed Days before Bulk?

I was wondering if I am wasting my time only using Indigo-3G on re-feed days. I have been doing a ketogenic diet for around 4 months now, substantially dropping my bodyfat. As I approach 10% (around 12-13% currently), I have come to appreciate the benefits of re-feeding with carbohydrates once every 1-2 weeks (have done this twice) with Plazma/MAG-10/Indigo-3G, oats, potatoes, and small amounts of fruit. (first time using Biotest supplements, the two re-feed workouts w/ Biotest supplements were the best workouts of my life).

After my last re-feed around 10 days ago, I ‘felt’ leaner, noticeably held less water in subcutaneous tissue (former fat boy here) and dropped 2 pounds from my plateau weight that I was stuck at for 3 weeks. (To clarify, I was around 3 pounds heavier the day after using this protocol, but 2-3 days later I was 3 pounds lighter than I was before the re-feed day).

After spending time reading articles and browsing the forums, I know that I would see faster results if I stay on a prolonged Indigo-3G/Plazma/MAG-10 protocol, but I’m on a slight budget and would like to preserve these supplements for a lean-bulk.

My real question is, does using Indigo-3G like this, once every 1-2 weeks on my re-feed day, (~300g carbs @ 178lbs, 12-13% bf), provide appreciable benefits, or should I altogether save the Indigo-3G for when I attempt to gain mass again?

So far as I know we have not examined such infrequent use, so it’s not an established matter.

I’d suggest personal trial and impression as the only real answer, unless it turns out that this has been examined and I didn’t know of it (that’s possible.)

Even if it’s every bit as helpful as it seemed with this protocol, having a few times where you alternate either using the Indigo-3G or not would, for the times not used, in the long run work out to very little loss and would be worth it for the personal knowledge. So I’d suggest alternating these refeeds between doing them with Indigo-3G and without.

If you don’t pick up a difference that seems worthwhile, then it would be entirely reasonable to discontinue. But if seeing clear benefit personally, then it wouldn’t matter even if it hadn’t worked for other people. There definitely are individual variations, so personal findings are really important.

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