Indigo 3g on Ketogenic Shredding Diet?

Is Indigo 3g useless (or counterproductive) on a low calorie, ketogenic diet approaching contest level strictness? I do Berardi’s Get Shredded every year or so for 6-12 weeks. It’s that time again. I could see this being of no use without any carbs or even counterproductive and hunger-inducing. Being hungry is already an issue on this diet.

I suppose I should ask Berardi directly as well, which I’ll do.

If generally ill-advised, I could it being used on the refeed days too.

It will not hurt you and it might help you 2 ways.

We generally recommend using Indigo-3G with plenty of carbs since one of its main benefit is allowing you to store more carbs inside the muscles instead of as body fat. It does that by making the muscle cells more sensitive to insulin. Obviously if you don’t have any carbs in your diet you lose that benefit.

However Indigo-3G works also by “healing” fat cells; reducing their inflammation and making them dump fat more easily. By doing that Indigo-3G will enhance the effect of any fat loss diet.

But to me the main benefit of using Indigo-3G while on a low carbs diet is keeping you insulin sensitive.

The initial reaction to a low carbs diet is an improvement in insulin sensitivity (yay) but after a few weeks you actually become LESS insulin sensitive (booo). I’ve seen plenty of bodybuilders use a keto diet get full and huge during their carb-up/refeed for the first 3 weeks or so. But after that they have a real hard time getting full again. I know several bodybuilders (myself included) who were super flat on contest day despite eating tons of carbs just because long term keto diet reduced insulin sensitivity.

Indigo-3G will keep your muscles sensitive to insuline so all of your refeed will stay effective and more importantly when you stop using a keto diet and reintroduce carbs your body will be insulin sensitive which will not only help prevent a huge fat regain but will also allow you to get an anabolic boost.

Thanks, CT! Very helpful and good information. I’ll incorporate and see how it goes.

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