Indigo-3G on a Budget

Let’s say you only had $300 to spend on Indigo-3G for the foreseeable future. Without autoship (not possible with my situation), what is the best dosing for those 3 bottles? Should one do 6 weeks of full dose, 12 weeks of maintenance, or some combination of the two? Would it be beneficial to do full dose on workout days, but maintenance on rest days?

Or, with the same amount of money, would the Plazma stack be more beneficial (we’re talking for fat loss, muscle building, and cardio training for a rower)?

We’d suggest 8 weeks of full dosage for those who feel that have trouble with nutrient uptake mechanisms or find that they gain fat easily when eating carbs or plenty of calories to fuel optimal muscle growth. One bottle of Indigo-3G lasts 15 days at full dosage, or about a month when you move to maintenance dosing. Many users do mix and match – full dose on hard leg days, for example, and maintenance dose on off days, but they first do a full-dosage 8-week cycle.

With the <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Reactive Pump Stack, you can use only a single-serving of Indigo-3G with your pre-load Plazma dosage. This will insure that Plazma is driven deep into the muscles.

We’d still suggest using a serving on an off day from the gym before your biggest meal for best long-term results.

Would it be better to do a full dosage 8 week cycle and no maintenance dosage after, or something like 6 weeks of full dosage and 4 of maintenance?

Also, somewhat off-topic, for a rower looking to build strength and performance while losing weight, which one of the Indigo Project Programs would be best?

Thanks a bunch.

Both protocols would be beneficial. If you feel you’ve always had an issue with easy fat gain or trouble putting carbs to work, 8 weeks full dosage may be the best plan for you. If that’s never been a big problem, the 6-full and 4-maintenance week plan would be great.

However, you can always play this by ear: do 6 weeks full dosage and then decide, based on your results, if you want 2 more weeks at full dosage or 4 weeks of maintenance dosage. We’ve had users have great success with both.

I’d say the Indigo Project performance program would be your best bet. The goals of each program actually overlap: you can build muscle, gain strength and lose fat with all of them; each is just tweaked to emphasize one goal. If you’d like to ask the coach who wrote the programs his opinion, just drop a question into his forum here: <a href=""target=“new”>Christian Thibaudeau Forum

Fat loss will largely be dependent on your overall diet, though Indigo-3G will really speed it along as a nutrient repartitioning agent. If you’d like to list some daily menus in your Indigo log once you get it started, we’d be glad to look over your plan and offer suggestions.

Somewhat off-topic, but do you think I would have a problem flying into London and Morocco with Indigo-3G?

[quote]keabie18 wrote:
Somewhat off-topic, but do you think I would have a problem flying into London and Morocco with Indigo-3G? [/quote]

Should not be an issue. There’s is nothing in Indigo-3G that is remotely illegal or currently banned by any country we know about.

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