Indigo-3G, Multi Vitamins and Peri WO Schedule

Hey Chris, Just changed my brand of multi vitamins and contains, choline, alpha lipoic acid and inositol.
I want to make sure that this multi is ok with my Indigo-13G use. On my WO mornings, I take my multi,
D3, COQ-10, C, Flameout. After about 1/2 hour I consume my 6 Indigo-3G and 1/2 hour later 1 or 2

Then about 45 minutes later 6 Micro-PA and off to gym. 15 minutes before I hit the gym floor,
I drink my 500 mm of Plazma and 5g Creatine and consume another 500mm of Plazma during my workout.
Between 45 minutes and 1 hour after leaving gym will consume 500 mm of MAG-10 and have a solid meal
of steak over white rice or sashimi or sushi. Sorry, I got a little carried away from my one simple question,
so can I ask your opinion ? Thanks for your time and thoughts.

  1. The things to avoid on Indigo-3G:

  2. Your plan looks pretty solid to me.

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