Indigo 3G, MicroPA, or Mag-10?

Hi Biotest guys,
I’m curious about if I just wanted to take one, what I would call, “special” supplement out of Indigo 3G, MicroPA, or Mag-10, which would be best in my situation? I call them “special” because I use/take the usual supps, which I’ll outline.

Current state:

5’6", 162 lbs, 12.5-ish% BF, as measured by my Omron handheld BF tester, checked every morning after I do my morning treadmilling. Down from 171, 17% in January, which is basically all fat and almost no lean body mass lost. But its slowed down, mostly because I don’t like cutting my calories and I prefer to just do more work.
I have a full Excel spreadsheet for tracking all this.

Current plan:
Monitor how the addition of circuit training last week and this week affect things. But get ready because next week will probably see a 200cal/day drop (maintenance level at 162ish lbs is about 3000-3100 cal/day).

Current goals:
Get to 10% BF while losing as little LBM as possible, as soon as possible, definitely by the end of June, preferably sooner. Then start gaining LBM again by increasing my fat and carb portions of my diet. Ideally get back into the 180’s while staying at 10%BF.

Current diet/supps (I’ve got a spreadsheet for tracking my diet also):
40%Protein (about 300g/day, around 2g/lb), 40%Fat, 20%carbs, 3000-3100 calories on the average weekday.
Casein/whey/leucine shake for 10am snack, beef stew for lunch, C/W/l shake again at 4pm, add a scoop of Cytogainer (4 parts carbs to 3 parts protein) to that if its a lift day.
One scoop Cytogainer, one scoop whey, leucine during workout.
Workout night dinner is salmon/pasta/broccoli, non-gym workout night dinner is 4-egg omelette with 1 piece toast with PB.
Night Smoothie: Casein, peanut butter, flax seed, Superfood, creatine, leucine, glutamine.

First thing in the morning: 2pills Diesel Test Hardcore, 1/2 tab caffeine, 1/2 tab Bronkaid, 200mg theanine.
Morning: Glucosamine chondroitin, 1g fish oil, Vitamin C.
Afternoon preworkout: 1 Hot-Rox, 2pill Diesel test, 200mg theanine.
Afternoon non-preworkout: 2pill Diesel Test
Pre bed: 1g fish oil, Glucosamine chondroitin, Vitamin C, vitamin D, ZMA.

30 minutes 120bpm heart rate treadmill walking about 30 minutes after that first set of pills (just like the Lonnie Lowery article :slight_smile: )
Gym MWF evening, switch between A and B days.
A-day: squats, hamcurl, DB bench, Cable row, db curls, tri ext.
B-day: Deadlifts, leg ext, weighted pullups, db OH press, lateral raises.
Circuit training Tues/thurs/sat/sun evening: KB swings, ab rollouts, pushups, pullups, 8 rounds, plus treadmilling.

Generally sleep about 7 +/- 1/2 hour every night. Maybe a little more on the weekends.

That all being said, like I mentioned at the top, I’d like to try something that seems a bit more special than the usual supps, and those three in the title seem to be the top choices. Just not sure which one would be best at this stage. Or maybe I’m just all screwed up somewhere in my plan and I don’t even know it.
Whats the word?

Well, it would take a full day’s consult to fix your whole plan, but sticking to Biotest supplement advice since that’s the name of this forum, we’d suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G for your goals. You’d also do yourself a lot of good by dropping the low quality kitchen-sink supplements full of fillers and switching to Plazma and Mag-10. You supplement plan needs to be greatly simplified and upgraded in quality.

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