Indigo 3g, MicroPA, and Plazma While Training?

So I have a couple questions for you guys as I’m currently training for USMC boot camp and I want to take a bunch of supplements. Indigo I’m absolutely taking, MicroPA I’m pretty sure and Plazma I’m on the fence about. Here’s my current state:

19 y.o, 6’1", 196 pounds 13-14% body fat, but it could be 12-13 because I don’t have the equipment to test it, pretty much just guess work.

I sleep 6-7 hours when I have work (4 days a week) and 9-10 hours when I don’t.

My diet is not really regimented. On training days (monday through friday) I always have at least 150g protein, but it’s usually more like 220 grams. Carb intake is anywhere from 200-400 grams (probably 2/3rds of it are clean carbs), and fats I really don’t know, but probably the same as protein, maybe less.

On non-training days it could be anywhere from 40g protein 20g carbs to the same amount as on training days. It really depends on how I feel. I see myself making gains and losing fat with how much I run and lift, so I haven’t seen a need to cut myself off from various junk foods (chips, candy, micky d’s, etc) of which I eat whenever it is around.

My goal is to be as lean as possible while juuust underneath 208 pounds (that is my maximum ship weight) by september 8th - my ship day. My training schedule will be at the bottom if this is a tldr.

So my first question is will any of these supplements cause me to pop on a drug test? I’ve done research and it all says no, but I’d just like someone who really knows to confirm this. Second question, since my only real vice is eating too much junk food in addition to my clean carbs how much will it affect the supplementation of Indigo3G, MicroPA, and Plazma? Third and final is I run every training day, sprints, distance running or weighted fast walks, will any of these things severely inhibit the effects of any of these supplements? I’d really appreciate some feedback as I don’t know what I’m doing, supplement-wise.

Training schedule:

I do a pullup routine every gym day. It goes up by 1 rep per week, and by now I’m at 14 pull-ups per position. Wide grip pronated, 1 min rest. Close grip pronated, 1 min rest. reg grip pronated, 1 min rest. supinated grip, 1 min rest. hammer curl grip, 1 min rest.


  • Pullup routine
  • DGAS Bench 531
  • Hang Cleans 5 x 8
  • DB Tri extensions 5 x 10
  • Curls 5 x 10
  • 6weeks2sixpack core exercise (3x3)
  • 400 sprints x 4 (1 min 30 sec each as goal) 2 min rest


  • Pullup routine
  • DGAS Military 531
  • 6weeks2sixpack ab routine
  • ease into 5k


  • Hump in boots (45 pounds in frame backpack) 4 mph
    • 1 hour for first month
    • (2nd month) 50 min, 10 rest x 2
    • (3rd month) 50 min, 10 rest x 3
      Im at month 2 currently


  • Pullup routine
  • Incline Bench sets of 10,8,6,4,4,15
  • Kroc Row 3 x 30
  • Weighted Dips 5 x 10
  • 6weeks2sixpack core exercise (3x3)
  • Interval run (HIIT)


  • Pullup routine
  • Seated DB Military Press sets of 10,10,10,6,6,6,15
  • 6weeks2sixpack ab routine
  • ease into 5k

The ease into 5k is a running app for my iPhone, I’m at week 5 day 2 which is 6 min run, 1 min walk, 4 min run, 1 min walk, 6 min run. It gets harder every day and every week. My goal is to do all the running at 10mph but as of now I consistently stay at 8.5 mph. My HIIT is one of 3 different programs I rotate through depending on how I feel that day but it’s usually about 6-8 min sprinting and 6-8 min running/jogging.

The reason there’s no leg work is my legs and glutes were really really big, and I needed to lose a lot of mass there so I would have room for my upper body to grow. But I’ve lost 2 inches on both my legs and 3 on my glutes so I’m thinking about adding in a leg day on wednesday. I haven’t decided yet.

So thats my training schedule, pretty long winded but I wanted you guys to have all the information you needed. Thanks all

  1. None of those supplements will cause you to fail a drug test.

  2. You should probably rearrange your supplement list and make <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma your foundation. All those workouts are going to be less effective without good workout supplementation.

  3. Eating junk food doesn’t “affect” the supplements, but of course it’s not doing you any good either.

  4. The running will also not “affect” the supplements themselves, but it will make it harder to gain muscle. This is of course the dilemma everyone faces when entering boot camp: you need to train for all the running but all the running will affect your rate of muscle gains. To prevent muscle loss from the cardio, we suggest <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 before and during. HIIT sessions too. More info here: And here:

  5. Train your legs.

Thanks Chris, rapid and informative reply.

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