Indigo 3G & MAG-10 Questions

I started taking Indigo-3G last week without ever stopping to consider the diet changes I should make with it. I’m currently taking 6 pills 30 min. before dinner, but haven’t really changed my diet much other than cutting back on (but not entirely eliminating) simple carbs, and trying to emphasize healthy fats over unhealthy ones.

My wife is open to the idea of introducing cleaner carbs into our diet, but insists that I’ll have to prepare the meals, and it has to be something that we all will eat, including our very picky 4 year-old. I’m up to the challenge, but I figure it will take me a few weeks to figure this out and come up with some dishes that look and taste good.

So I’m wondering whether I should stop taking the Indigo-3G, given that I’m currently using it in a suboptimal fashion, and re-start it once I have my diet sorted out.

My other question is whether it would make sense to do additional pulses of MAG-10 mid-morning and mid-afternoon, when I start to get a bit tired or hungry. My only regular exercise at the moment is a one hour pre-breakfast walk. I’m going to start doing some body-weight exercises (push ups, planks, squats, etc.) next week, but it will be a few weeks before I’ll be able to incorporate regular work outs into my routine, so I figure I should wait until then to start lifting weights.

Thanks for your help.

No need to stop taking <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. If anything, it’ll help undo some of the damage being done by a less than perfect diet. Of course, Indigo-3G is going to give you a better affect looks-wise (body comp) if you’re training regularly. Health-wise it works whether you’re training or not. And obviously, add a cleaner diet plan to this for optimal results.

Here’s a good resource for some better carb choices that work well with Indigo-3G: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide

Thanks for the advice Chris. My original plan was to do 12 Indigo-3G/day for 2-3 months. Would it be better to do that now or wait until I’m doing regular workouts and have my diet sorted out?

Also, is there any benefits to doing additional MAG-10 pulses during the day when I get tired or hungry?

For those who think they’re very “damaged” from being overweight, I do like the 12 capsules of Indigo-3G per day recommendation. By “damaged” I mean that every little carb seems to go straight to fat storage and any extra calorie does too, even when training hard and eating relatively clean. Seems to be the case with people who are or were very overweight. (This was me in fact, and even though I’d been “not fat” for over 20 years, nutrient uptake and how my body dealt with carbs was just jacked up prior to Indigo-3G, and Indigo really changed everything.)

But, given your situation, one serving per day is great until you get things sorted, especially since the best dosing schedule 12-per-dayers is 1 before training and 1 before one of their biggest/carbiest meals of the day (at least 6 hours between doses).

Mag-10 pulsing is a great idea for between meals. Not only do you get the protein pulsing effect ( but Mag-10 tends to smash hunger for a couple of hours so it can replace a high calorie/carb snack. Plus it has some fat loss benefits due to the thermic nature of the carbs in it.

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