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I just finished my first bottle of Indigo-3G, I have been following the instructions of how to take it, I have increased my carb intake around my workout only. I added a carb+protein shake during my workout (50g carbs + 30g protein). I started taking this shake even a week before I started taking Indigo-3G.

so far I have not seen any results, I gained 3-4 pounds but is mostly fat as I had visible abs before Indigo and now I can barely see a “2pack”. My biggest fat retaining areas (around bellybutton and slight lovehandles) are visibly increasing.

I follow a high fat and protein diet all day, I only eat carbs before and after a workout plus now the intra-workout shake.

when can I expect to see results?? my strength has not changed at all, still lifting the same weight and even in some lifts, less!!

I was very excited about this and was hesitant to buy it for some time since it looked too good to be true but I gave it a chance and so far its not very exciting, rather the opposite, disappointing. based on your articles about Indigo-3G, i was expecting a lot more at least something but so far is not happening. how long do I need to wait to see results? I just see fat storing in my body week after week!!!

Please help! I will continue taking since I bout 4 bottles at once and I have 3 more to go (today I started bottle #2) I hope to see some kind of results soon before I start warning online potential buyers not to buy this based on my personal results…

@Dave2391BC, a mod may chime in here, but as someone who has been taking Indigo 3G for many years, as well as lots of other Biotest supplements, here’s my .02.

It’s very hard to critique why your plan isn’t working for you as more detailed information is needed, like:
-Training frequency and program?
-How many calories are you getting a day? Have you been tracking your macros? If so, what are they?
-Can you post a couple pics? Always easier to critique a physique with pics. They can just be a front and side shot, nothing fancy.

If you’re gaining fat (not just scale weight, talking about body fat,) then very simply you are eating too much, your training is lacking and/or both, at the end of the day you’re consuming a fair amount more than you’re burning. That’s not really debatable, it’s science. To think a 300 calorie shake per day and Indigo is responsible for 3-4 pounds of fat gain is a misguided notion. Also, if you’re getting more carbs than you’re used to now that you’re taking Indigo, remember that carbs pull water and add scale weight (carbs–>glycogen which is 3 parts water) so you may be seeing some water weight you’re not used to, but if you’re gaining fat then that’s a result of your nutrition, there’s no way around that fact.

Indigo 3G does not cause one to magically gain weight for no reason, and it also doesn’t magically make you ripped after one bottle. This may not be what you want to or expect to hear, but I would imagine your nutrition and training needs some cleaning up and more consistency.

If you had “visible abs”, gained 3 pounds and don’t anymore, they couldn’t have been that visible to begin with and you’re probably higher body fat than you think.

When you talk about the “Results” you expect to see with Indigo 3G, what exactly are you hoping for? A great supplement like Indigo 3G is certainly a game changer when implemented properly, but (correct me if I’m wrong please) the impression I get from your post is you expect to take a pill and see your body transformed before your eyes in a very short amount of time. You’ve taken one bottle of Indigo 3G, so that’s like, a month maybe? What do you expect to see in a month? Building a physique takes YEARS, and without knowing more about your training and diet, it’s very hard to offer any significant advice.

Indigo certainly has nothing to do with your decrease in strength, that is 100% training related.

This is an unfair statement IMO. You take a supplement, don’t see magic results in a month, and are now going to “warn people” not to take it? It seems like it’s not occurring to you that you’re doing something wrong, rather than you should start taking this pill and all of a sudden be ripped? Again, what exactly are you expecting to see in such a short amount of time? I would imagine you’re going to say “better use of carbs, lower body fat, etc.” Well, again, these things take time, a long time. Will Indigo help? Of course. But, you can’t out train a bad training program and inconsistent nutrition.

I’ve been taking Indigo for years and still do, it’s completely changed the way I handle carbs and has aided me significantly in physique progress over the years, because I am meticulous about my training, nutrition, which is what it takes to see a supplement really work.

If you can provide detailed info about your nutrition and training, it would be much easier to tell you why you’re not seeing results, but I can guarantee you it’s not because of the Indigo.


thank yo for taking the time to answer my questions. let me share a little more about me so maybe you can help me to get the most our of Indigo-3G:
I’m 5’11, 180-182lb, (I was around 15% body fat before indigo) but now since I started Indigo-3G and consuming more carbs 185-186 and I can see more fat on me specialy around bellybutton, slight lovehandles and chest as well, pretty much the areas where I alwasy seem to store fat easily.
I attached a picture of me, hope you can see it and hope this gives you an idea of me

I train 5-6 times a week each workout around 1.5-2hrs. 2 leg days workouts a week(1 focused on quads with a lot of squats and another day focused on hamstrings; deadlifts and single leg moves) 2 more days of back/chest (for back, one day of horizontal moves and another day vertical moves; For chest work all different angles of pressing moves) and 2 more of shouders, bis and tris. I don’t do a lot of cardio and maybe I should… as rep and sets, I do a combination of heavy low reps(3-5) high sets(5-7) and also high reps (15-20) lower weight and 2-3 sets as well as medium rage (8-12), except for shoulders, I found that high reps are doing a better job for me(15-20).

I am expecting some of the results you promote in your own website ( ) people noticing result within 5-10 days, losing fat, having more energy and even strength gains. this is your promised based on this article. I know there is no magic pill and takes a long time to build a physic, I have been hitting the gym for close to 10 years now and I know how hard is to get the desired body but when you charge $70 for a bottle lasting 15 days and you claim what you describe in the article above, one is expected to see some results, correct?? better if you tell me, "this will take 6 months or more to really show the mentioned results, then I would not expect anything this soon so I just really asking for a fair expectation of results and how long it will take.

I still have faith on this product and that is why I asking for help and continue taking Indigo-3G.

As for my diet its high in fat and protein and only consume carbs before, during and after my workout, i consume 5-6 meals a day consistently and cooking with only coconut oil. I don’t cheat very often as I actually don’t get many cravings, If I cheat is eating sushi or savory meals, I am not into sweets very much so its easy to not eat it for me and I avoid as well deep fried food

Carbs consist of white rice, steamed yams and sweet potatoes. and now added carbs in a shake taken during my workout.
Fat: 3 whole eggs a day, whole coconut milk- 1/2cup a day, handful of almonds a day, 1 avocado a day, fish -1 big filet and chicken - 2 cups of chicken breast
Protein: fish, chicken, whole eggs, egg whites (1 cup a day), whey protein (around 120grm of protein a day).
As for the specific amount of grams for each is:
Protein: 250-300grms (looking for 1.5 or more grms of Prot per pound)
Carbs: 200-250

as for supplements I am only taking whey, fish oils,vitamins and minerals, creatine and Superfood. can you advice when would be the better time to take the creatine so it doesnt interfere with Indigo-3G?

let me know if you need any more information and I really appreciate your time and advice!

Thank you!

Thanks for responding with more details man, I’ll do my best to provide some more info.

Just want to make it clear I do not work for Biotest/T-Nation, I am just an enthusiastic Biotest supplement user who has been using these supplements for years now and have made dramatic transformations using them, and I believe in the products.

Ok onto the issue at hand. After seeing your training and diet info, it seems like you have a good understanding of both and you have a clean, healthy diet. However, after plugging in the info you posted to a TDEE calculator, your estimated TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is ~2,500, and you’re consuming between 2,900-3,100 calories a day, no cardio. SO, I think it’s a distinct possibility that while you are lifting well and eating clean, you’re still simply eating too much, as I pointed out earlier is the only explanation if you’re gaining fat. No supplement in the world can do anything about that. You’re eating an extra ~400-600 cals a day, so I can see how that could add up to about a pound a week of weight gain.

Again, your food choices are great and you seem to have a great understanding of your training and diet, but the cals are too much.

I would recommend the following:
-If you feel you’re gaining too much fat/weight, then lower your cals closer to maintenance of 2,500 for a few consistent weeks and see what happens.
-Since you’re taking Indigo, I’d recommend raising carbs, while taking a more moderate approach to protein and lowering fats. Protein at 1-1.1g per pound of bodyweight is more than sufficient. You can lower fats to ~25% of your total cals, and fill the rest with carbs. On a 2,500 cal plan, that would put you at roughly:
-200g protein
-70g fat
-260g carbs
If you lower protein to 1g per pound, you could squeeze in 280g carbs. You could also lower fats to 20% of total cals, leaving you with 300g for carbs.

Since you’re already fairly lean, I think if you make the proper dietary adjustments then you will start seeing yourself utilize these carbs better and form a better physique. I think if you execute a consistent nutrition plan with the proper cals, and maybe incorporate some low intensity cardio post weights, you’ll be on the right path.

EDIT: Just wanted to add another thought. Looking at the pic you posted, you are a fairly lean guy already, but for someone who has been training for 10 years using the set/rep/exercise scheme you provided, I would expect to see more mass, which leads me to believe it is a possibility that you really need to up your training intensity. Training hard with maximum intensity in the gym is always going to be the king, the driving force of your results and your physique.

Remember that overall Indigo 3G is a nutrient repartitioning agent, it allows you to consume more carbs and drives them into the muscle. While this certainly helps burn fat over time, it is not a fat burner or a magic transformation pill. I would be willing to bet that the folks who saw results in such a short amount of time were starting leaner and more muscular, and therefor able to see more results quickly. If getting leaner is your goal, you can still incorporate the Indigo, and you will really see it shine when the calories (and cardio if you add it) are more geared towards your goals. If the goal is getting leaner, you can’t expect to do that in a 400-600 a day caloric surplus.

I hope this helps, please post back with any more questions man!


Thank you a lot for the time you took to explain this. I will adjust my diet lowering fat and protein as you are suggesting and add more cardio to my workouts, I have to admit my intensity at the gym is not always as high as it should, sometimes I’m just so tired after work but I don’t allow myself to miss the gym. I will add more cardio which I used to do (20-30 min at the end of workouts, either steady or HIIT for 10 min followed by high incline 13% and 3mph).

I used to take pre-workouts but stopped so it didn’t interfere with Indigo, do you recommend to add it again? this is just aiming for some help with my intensity… as for the creatine, any recommended time to take it so it doesn’t interfere? what about in the shake intra-workour with carbs+protein. ( I am taking 50gr carbs using Karbolyn by EFX Sports and 30gr of whey protein)

thanks again for your time and advice!

Glad to help man! [quote=“Dave2391BC, post:5, topic:6735”]
I will adjust my diet lowering fat and protein as you are suggesting and add more cardio to my workouts
Again, I’ve found protein at 1g per pound, fats at 20-25% and the rest with carbs is a great to keep the fuel and energy up, stay lean and make good progress. Since you’re on Indigo, I’d recommend fat at 20% so you can squeeze in as many carbs as possible within your caloric limit and take advantage of what Indigo can do.

If you do cardio after weights, low intensity is best. Doing HIIT after weights is a sure fire way to decrease recovery and hurt your gains. For me, doing very high incline really screws up my lower back and legs. I like to do elliptical after weights because it’s easy on the joints. Whatever cardio you choose to implement, just make sure it’s low intensity and not HIIT. HIIT workouts are great for fat burning, but should be done on separate days, not on a weight training day.

Additionally, you don’t have to do cardio, the most important thing will be to make sure your calories are in line. If you want to get leaner, you’ll have to be in a deficit, if you want to maintain you need to be at maintenance. Personally I like adding some cardio after weights because it allows me to eat more. Cardio can also be draining on the body so I wouldn’t do it all the time, maybe two or three times a week after weights to help get some excess fat off.

I hear you man. Intensity will always be #1, so making sure you have enough carbs before your workout to fuel it will be important. I don’t take pre-workout, but I do enjoy a big 'ol coffee before training, if I’m really dragging I’ll add a shot of espresso and that always does the trick. The thing to think about with pre-workout is over time your body will adapt to it and all the caffeine in there, and it’ll start relying on the pre-workout. If you want to use it, I’d recommend saving it for the days where you really need it. When you get to the gym, as my coach likes to say, you can be tired as you want between sets, but the sets have to be INTENSE!

Creatine timing is highly debated, IMO the ultimate answer is “just get it in there around your workout.” I assume putting it in your intra-workout drink would be fine, I’m not familiar with the one you use so I’d recommend checking their website or contacting them to make sure it won’t interfere with anything in there, I can’t imagine it would though.

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