Indigo-3G, Help with Unique Timing

So I just started using Indigo-3G and while I certainly understand the use instructions I am having some trouble due to my schedule. So I work night shift 6pm to 6am. Due to this I usually start my training about an hour to two hours after I wake up. So technically my “pre workout nutrition” is my breakfast. On days when i have work that night i am extremely time constrained. So I literally wake up and eat so I can get to the gym asap.

Since I sometimes cant take Indigo-3G a half hour before i start pre workout nutrition on an empty stomach what should i do? Also on non training days when I work that night i sometimes dont have “dinner” until after midnight. Any ideas on how i would take Indigo-3G on those days? Any advice would be appreciated

Indigo-3G attempts to mimic that “breakfast” carb uptake (muscles may absorb nutrients more readily). My suggestion would be to take it before your midnight meal. Muscles should be nicely loaded for your morning session after a midnight loading followed by breakfast and fluilds.

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Thank you for the response. So you would suggest not taking it at all before training? Keep in mind on my off nights I have dinner at a normal time (around 6 to 7pm) with my family. On those days would I take it before training?

Since your training is always early morning, my experience with Indigo-3G (many, many years off and on) points to using it with your biggest carb meal later in the day, preferably away from the post-training window. 6-7pm should work perfectly.

You could experiment with a few morning doses, but you should already be carb-sensitive/ready from hours of fasting.

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