Indigo-3G® for Women?

Sophia asks:

Can women take the Indigo-3G® supplement? All of the user feed back appears to be from guys only. Goal is weightloss only.

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Absolutely. There’s nothing in Indigo-3G that would make it just for men. For example, @Dani_Shugart and @Bronwen are very familiar with Indigo’s effects. And HawaiiTunya talked a lot about her results here.

Men and women have also discussed their results in this thread.


@Sophia: I absolutely LOVE Indigo-3G. The properties have many, as I say, “positive side-effects”. It’s not made necessarily for fat loss, but it happens. I also 100% believe that it is a huge benefit in my daily fight with the disease Lipedema. I can only imagine how worse the disease would be in my body if I had not still been taking 12 capsules a day.

I recently started a personal coaching client on Indigo-3G. She is 73 years old with about 10lbs of extra weight on her small frame. She said this is the first time EVER that she was able to loose weight off the scale during the holidays.

Not sure what you’re looking to accomplish, but give Indigo-3G a six month trial. Make that six month investment in yourself.

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