Indigo-3G for Upcoming BJJ Tournament

Hi Guys,

Long time Biotest user here and trying to figure out how to use Indigo-3G correctly. I’m currently training very hard for an upcoming BJJ competition (2 months out) and would like to see if Indigo can help me with my goals. I’d primarily like to continue training hard and recover well so that I can train. However I’d also love to be able to gain some strength and improve body comp so that I won’t have to do a cut before competition.

My general weekly workout schedule looks like following
M-F: AM Mobility and Yoga (30-60 mins), PM BJJ Class (around 2 hours)
Sat: AM Mobility followed by BJJ (around 4 hours total but with breaks)
Sun Rest

I eat very clean roughly 3,000 cals a day 30% carbs and do Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10 periworkout.

Would Indigo-3G benefit me for my training schedule and needs. What can I expect? Do I need to also incorporate strength training to see any benefits?


Also want to add I’m currently 6’1 and about 182lbs @ 12% body fat. I’m normally 175 @ 10%. I’m ideally looking to make the 168lb (lightweight) weight class.

I can quite easily cut 5-7lbs of water weight so looking to get down to about 8% in the span of 1.5 months.

I’d also be open to adding other supps if there are any suggestions on things I can stack.


Can’t add any info on Indigo-3G (I’m a red wine drinker so Indigo is not really for me). But curious how your experience was - and how you did at the tournament!

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