Indigo-3G® for Powerlifter

Josh asks:

I’ve read the website articles and additional articles so obviously I’m very intrigued by this product but my three main concerns are:

  1. I’m a truck driver and I get random drug testing, so will anything show up there that I need to be concerned about?
  2. I’m a Powerlifter, but also obese so how would this benefit my lifting regiment?
  3. What are the known side effects of c3g?

Keep in mind I’m very interested in this product but I want to make sure I’m spending my time and money wisely.

There’s nothing in Indigo-3G that should show up on a test, for work or in powerlifting federations. It’s been used by pro athletes in multiple tested sports for years without issue.

Less fat and more muscle is a pretty good thing for any lifter. Not sure what kind of workout nutrition you’re currently using (protein and carbs during training), but it’s a very efficient nutrient partitioner, so taking Indigo before training as recommended will let your body put those nutrients to work which leads to better energy while training and better recovery.

The need for more willpower when it comes to nutrition because optimized insulin sensitivity lets you eat more carbs. Really, there aren’t any “side effects” to be worried about. There are no stimulants in it, nothing that affects blood flow, and nothing that raises heart rate or blood pressure.

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