Indigo-3G for a Non-Trainer?

can or should someone who is not training, and really not overweight, use Indigo-3G?
if same person is concerned with a “bulging abdomen” possibly from visceral fat, could that person benefit from Indigo-3G, or possibly just adjusting diet to no wheat?
said person is female.

Dropping wheat is always a good idea. And milk.

Indigo has remarkable health effects, whether someone trains or not. If anyone has signs of pre-diabetes, it would be great for them.

if person takes Indigo-3G, then the protocol would be as per the label?
said young female is recovering from an eating disorder for about 2 years now. which has thrown body composition for a loop, and which in turn, has had some profound effects on mental and emotional processes.
thank you

btw. 23 year old

Yep, just follow label dosing.

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