Indigo-3G for 5AM Workout?

I’m going to start taking Indigo-3G. I’ve read where you are supposed to take it before your workout or before dinner. I usually workout at 5 am and was wondering if that is too early to take it, or when the best time to take it would be?

There’s no real reason to use it pre-workout, if you are training without a meal or workout nutrition (such as Plazma). Are you lifting fasted? If so, 1) don’t do that. 2) If the optimal timing just doesn’t work for you, just take Indigo-3G before your biggest, carbiest meal of the day.

No I’m not lifting fasted, I usually have some egg whites before, but thats about it. Thanks for the help!

Good article you may want to read:

Thank you for the info, that makes a lot of sense and I had no idea about some of that. I’m obviously pretty new to being serious about working out and lifting so any information helps a ton.

I workout fasted at 6:30 every morning. Should I take Indigo-3G preworkout or before dinner? I like working out fasting so I do not want to change that. I just want to know the optimal time to take the supplement for fat loss benefit.

You’ll want to take Indigo-3G before dinner then (or your highest carb meal of the day).

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