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From Elegua360:

Hi! I wanted to give you guys some feedback regarding my father’s recent experience with Indigo-3G.

He’s 75 years old, and a guy who has always exercised in one form or another, but recently we’ve been weight training together. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar has always been important to him, even more so now that he’s in his 70’s, so I suggested he look into Indigo. He gave it a shot, and at the 2 month mark, the results are extremely impressive.

For one, his training volume and intensity has become downright remarkable – I had to pretty much demand that he cut back a bit as he was starting to itch for daily weight training sessions.

Even though I’m working with heavier weights, he matched me rep for rep & set for set for each session, and even added a few extra sets of bodyweight lunges & full chins a couple of times per week (that was the point I had to beg him to take a deload week & ease up a bit, as I remembered the suggestion that Indigo might cause the body’s recovery ability to exceed one’s neurological adaptation capacity).

Physically, the results are excellent – he actually has visibly more muscle mass now than he did 10 years ago, with more shoulder striations & arm vascularity than I’ve ever seen on him. Mass of his leg muscles has increased visibly (which was a particular issue, as one of the goals in our training was for him to gain leg strength). His morning blood sugar is consistently below 90, and his resting heart rate is around 45 BPM.

I only wish I took some before/after photos of my dad to really demonstrate how well this product worked.

I admit, over the past year I was intrigued by Indigo-3G, but I found the claims to be implausible, to say the least. After this, I’m going to get it for myself as soon as I can afford the twice-daily dosage schedule – and dad’s on the automatic shipping program.

Anyhow, thanks for producing a real winner in the supplement market.

Ken Kinnan

Thanks for the <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G feedback, Ken!

Your dad may be our oldest Indigo-3G user. Great to hear his story.

CS, got him beat by two years.

[quote]germanicus wrote:
CS, got him beat by two years.[/quote]

That’s right!

Lots of bad-asses over 65 here at T-Nation. Great to see.

This is awesome! It’s nice to be young and have muscles but the goal of exercise (at least for me) is to be able to carry my own groceries up the stairs, and not have to rely on the kid down the street to shovel my steps, when I get older. It’s great to hear about progress being made by people in their 70’s. We all want quick fixes, and fast progress, but stories like this remind me that we have to set goals for many years down the road as well. Great stuff.

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