Indigo-3G Everyday or For Certain Workouts?

I have read in other posts about those who have been on Indigo-3G past the initial run and maintenance doses that they are stopping and only using Indigo on certain instances. I have been on Indigo since its release(still have my yellow case) . I am using Plazma and MAG-10 at the moment along with Indigo.

I thought it was important to still take a dose of Indigo before taking Plazma and peri nutrition, or can Indigo be saved for certain workouts and days and still be effective? I am currently taking one dose of Indigo everyday before peri.

I would take I3G every day at least 6 caps a day. Regardless if I was locked up in a hospital or doing double sessions.

You probably COULD only take it on Certain days, but considering how cheap it is these days compared to our yellow case days, it’s pretty cost effective. IMO.


Sounds like you’re using <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G in the most effective manner. When stacked with <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma for training sessions, you’ll drive Plazma deeper into the muscles and maximize its effects. Those supplements are very synergistic.

Some Indigo-3G users use the full dose for at least 8 weeks, then the maintenance dose, then – if budget is an issue – use it only for their toughest training sessions or before planned cheat meals. We’ve found this to be effective, but as Corstijeir said, most choose to stay on daily single dosing because they like the effects so much. (This is what I do.)

The best time to have that single serving of Indigo-3G is pre-training. If it’s an off day from the gym, you can use the single dose before your biggest, carbiest meal of the day, probably an evening meal for most people.

But you’re currently using it in the most popular and effective way.

Thank you, I am currently on autoship with how low the price is, I agree, I never see myself stopping indigo. I love the way I feel when I’m on it I just wanted to make sure I was utilizing its benefits properly.

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