Indigo-3G Duration


Hi, Chris. I’ve been using this when starting my peri-workout Finibar, Plazma, Mag-10, post training meal, etc. (saving 99% of my carbs for a 3-5 hour window). However, my schedule is changing, and I’ll have to expand my carb consumption closer to 8-9 hours. This will include my workout. I’m questioning how long the partitioning effects last, and if I’ll need multiple doses.
Any input would be appreciated.


Indigo-3G is active in the system for at least 6 hours, so you’re good. Double-dosing over the course of 9 hours would be overkill. A double dose of the current formula would be more for something like morning and evening two-a-day sessions.

Stick with the 6 caps before training and you’re all set.


Thank you, Chris