Indigo-3G Duration


When Indigo-3G first came out, there was a “hit it hard” period, then you can continue to do a maintenance period if you choose. Does that recommendation still exist?

Looking to have my body do a better job of processing carbs the right way, but have limited funds and can’t afford to continuously take the supplement. How long is that first duration on the current intake recommendation?


Nope, the current recommendation is just one consistent dose like the label says. 4-6 caps a day.

The original Indigo formula called for 6 caps twice a day, but the formula has been improved and refined over the years so the current dosing plan reflects the best and most effective route.


So how long do I need to be on it to get the optimal effect? The research mentions shrinking fat cells and decreasing what can go into a fat cell. How long on the supplement to reach the optimal impact?