Indigo-3G Dosing

I finally bit the bullet and ordered some Indigo-3G and MAG-10 with Plazma to follow after reading and researching for couple months. I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything down on when and how to take Indigo-3G. I just have one question because Ive seen different recommendations.

How many exactly should I take? The bottle says 4-6 but I read on the forums where some guys are taking two doses of 6. Keep in mind this will be my first time taking Indigo-3G.

With the first <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G formulation, the recommended dose was 2 servings of 6 capsules, about 6 hours or more apart. In the newest version, it’s 4-6 capsules per day, though some choose to use the older serving recommendations. Most people will get all the results they want from 4-6 per day though.

I did 6 a day for about 1.5 to 2 months and then cut it back to four. Four seems to work for me so I will probably keep it there. Maybe if I start to dramatically increase my carbs I will go back to 6 for a while. I3G, Plazma, and MAG-10 are hands down the best supplements out there. I would suggest starting out at six and after 1 month or to start to play around and see what works for you.

Thanks guys. I think I will start with 6 at first with these two bottles and see how it goes.

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