Indigo-3G Dosing Schedule?

I can only afford 1 bottle of Indigo-3G/month and was wondering on what would be a more efficacious dosing schedule.

I was thinking either 3 capsules/ day or 4 capsules 5x / week. I’m between 11-13% bodyfat right now and have ran 3-4 months of 6 capsules/ day in the past if that influences the schedule at all.

I was also wondering if it’s okay to take ~3 hours after EGCG/naringin/hesperidin as they all possess antioxidant properties. Any advice is helpful. Thanks

The label suggest 4-6 caps a day, so I’d go with the 4 cap option. Even if it’s “only” 5 days a week, you’re still getting an effective dose. Ideally, I’d make the two days you’re not taking it non-training days so you can optimize the benefits of workout nutrition.

Should be fine. I believe the formula was tweaked to be absorbed more efficiently, so that type of timing isn’t an issue. Taking Indigo-3G at the same time, like in the same mouthful, as strong antioxidants may lessen its effects, but that’s not what you’re doing at all.

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