Indigo-3G Dose Question

I just wanted to start off with one bottle of Indigo-3G for the rest of this month and if I like the product I would move up to the full dosage for two months then go back to the maintenance dosage is that a good idea? yay or nay? will I still see some results of just doing Indigo-3G for the rest of this month starting friday when it arrives?

For best results, start with full dosage of <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G, two servings per day per label directions, then move to maintenance dosage.

To really judge the effectiveness of any supplement, it’s always best to use the full dosage, not half a dosage. While only one serving would “work” you may or may not be able to see the full impact of how well it works compared to the full dosage. Some people can easily notice “some” results, while others can be getting results but not really notice it (low body awareness, experience level etc.)

Hookie Dookie. Thanks.

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