Indigo 3g Dosage and Diet Questions

Hi, I just started using indigo 3g and have been coming up with some questions that I was hoping to find some answers for. The first is a dosage question. The bottle says to take 4-6 pills once a day on an empty stomach 30 mins before eating or workouts, but I also came across a suggested dose on here saying I should be taking it 3 times a day at 4 pills 40-60 minutes before food and one of the three should be prior to my workout. So which is true?

Another question I had that was in the same article was that there are certain foods to avoid so as to not counter act the supplement which creates a couple of questions, also outside of that article I haven’t seen this on the bottle or anything so is it even true?

Also do other supplements fall into that category. I’m taking a fish oil supplement once a day and a testosterone Booster twice a day. Are they ok to take at the same time with indigo or should that be avoided?

And what should I avoid eating. Currently I’m on a simple diet and my only concern for food to avoid is that in the mornings I start my day with a green tea and Grapefruit for breakfast, should these be avoided?

My last question is that it says to take on an empty stomach before main meals. As it is now I’ll have my breakfast in the morning and about 2 hrs or so after I’ll have a veggie Snack (usually cucumbers or celery) then two hours or so I’ll have my lunch. Then another Snack (same as before) 2 hrs from that then follows dinner and if it’s a work out day I’ll go for my workout.

So what would be my ideal times to take indigo as my stomach is never completely empty to keep my metabolism up? Would replacing my snacks with a protein shake be a better choice instead of the veggie Snack be a better choice to have a more “empty” stomach? And lastly in the morning after I take my first dose is it OK to have coffee or tea before the hour before eating is up? Any answers would be greatly appreciated, I just started with this and really want to get the best results possible. Thanks!

  1. The formula and labels changed. Follow current label.

  2. Yes. Avoid super-concenterated sources of things like quercetin around the same time you take Indigo-3G.

  3. That’s fine.

  4. You don’t have to avoid any food, but keep the tea (quercetin) a few hours away from your Indigo serving, just in case.

  5. Your schedule is fine. Empty stomach simply means don’t take it directly with food. You would not be eating a meal 30 minutes before training anyway.

  6. Coffee is fine.

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