Indigo-3G Direction

Isaacclark89 asks:

I’m going to buy Indigo-3G on your site but I need some direction about how to use it!

Now my weight is 84/85 Kg. for a fat % of 20%. How many capsules will I need to take in a 24h period and what will I need to eat during the day?

Normally my workout consist of 30/40 minutes of run and 2/3h of weight lift in an “all body circuit”.

Please help me (=.
Regards from Italy.

The directions for using <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G are on the label. You can view the label by clicking the link in the previous sentence and then clicking “View Label.”

What you eat depends on your goals. Basically, don’t eat crap and get adequate carbs from good sources for best results. Lots of great diet articles for different goals in our archives.

Ideally, choose a better workout plan. We have tons of free ones available right here on T Nation.

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