Indigo-3G Diet Help

Hi Chris,

You responded to a post of mine on the Supplement thread, but I have a few questions about my routine and diet.

I began Indigo-3G on the 7th, and also began MAG-10. I am finishing up my Se7en and Fahrenheit in addition since I have some left from an earlier order…

6:30 AM - wake, MAG-10, Indigo-3G (6 capsules), Se7en and Fahrenheit

7 AM - Breakfast (Usually consists of 2 eggs and 3 slices of turkey bacon with tomato and avocado added, or plain oatmeal with almond milk and a yogurt.

8 AM - Gym. I tend to spend about an hour and a half lifting and 20 min of cardio

10 AM - MAG-10

11 AM - lunch (Generally Turkey meat with cottage cheese and tomato and avo again, or chicken and veggies or a big salad with meat on it)

2 PM - MAG-10

4 PM - Indigo-3G, Se7en and 1 Fahrenheit

5:30 - Dinner (Again, meat, and lots of greens/veggies)

8:30 - MAG-10

I am wondering if I am utilizing my supplements correctly? I know at least 6 hours between Indigo so I try and take it half hour or so before dinner. Does the MAG-10 look on par?
This is my routine 5 days a week, and since I have not yet done a weekend on these I think I am supposed to do Indigo-3G before lunch and dinner, right? I may try and do a pulse variation on the weekends, with every 2 hours MAG-10 and then a clean dinner, but would this not allow the indigo-3G to work properly? Would that be enough fuel to make it work effectively? Sorry if this is beating a dead horse for you, I am just slightly unclear on all of this.

Am I able to, on the weekends, incorporate a protein shake between MAG-10? I am so used to using these as between-meal fillers…

My goal is to continue to cut fat and lean out, while building muscle.

Thank you for your help with this!

Glad to help.

  1. It looks like you could increase your carbs. Remember, Indigo-3G is a nutrient repartitioning agent, and it needs some clean carbs to work optimally. We have a quick guide here: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide For example, your breakfast (when not oatmeal) is almost carb-free.

Do a rough carb count and see about where you’re at.

  1. Be careful with the cardio. It can backfire if taken too far. Your plan looks fine, but you may want to look over my conditioning guidelines at the bottom of this article:

  2. Your Mag-10 plan looks great!

  3. On weekends, if not training, yes, pre-lunch and pre-dinner is best. Pre-breakfast is fine too, especially if it’s carbier.

  4. I like to Pulse Fast/Feast plan, but when you’re on Indigo-3G you may want to have another solid meal in there, then take Indigo before it and dinner. It will still work if you pulse all day, but remember the nutrient repartitioning mechanism. When you’re on maintenance dose of Indigo-3G, it’s easier to do this plan; just take the single dose pre-dinner. It isn’t going to wreck anything if you choose to just pulse though, then have dinner. I’d get in that serving 20-30 minutes before a Mag-10. Some people experience a mild low-blood sugar like effect if they take Indigo and don’t eat within an hour, but a pulse of Mag-10 should prevent that.

  5. If a protein shake or two on the weekend fits your schedule, they’re fine to throw in.

Awesome info! Thank you for the clarification and guidance!

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