Indigo-3G® Cycles

Samer asks:

I will start my first ever course of Indigo-3G® next week, but I’m not sure about cycling. Should I do one cycle (15 days) at a time, or do I need to string cycles, or…? Please advise!

There is no need to cycle Indigo-3G. Follow label directions and take it for as long as you want. (I’ve been on for years.)

Same as above. I’ve been using Indigo-3G on and off for years.*

*Off only because of budget constraints when we were expecting our first child. But started again several months ago, and my progress leaped forward. As a former fat boy, I love this stuff.

(That was a really long asterisk statement.)

Considering this product. Here is my current situation. 5’9" 285 lbs 45yr old male. Down from 352 last December. I currently use Cellucor P6 Ripped, for T-booster and thermogenics. I am up for a supplement change so if you have any suggestions chime in.
Carbs beat me down pretty bad, I get sleepy and sluggish, since I began lifting it has gotten much better, but I still feel like I am missing something. I am gaining muscle quite a bit more than I imagined but looking for something that will push it a little farther. I just don’t want to overdue it with Supplements. I also consume Isopure low carb shakes 2-3 times a day to keep my protein up around 200g per day. My end goal is around 200 lbs with noticeable muscle.
Can I stack this for use in the evening before dinner? I also workout at night, usually an hour after dinner.

That’s some major progress. Good work so far.

Indigo-3G would be perfect before dinner, yep. It’s working in your system for several hours, so you’re still getting its benefits around your workout. It’s insulin sensitivity benefits should help to gradually retrain your body to process good carbs more efficiently, which should help that sluggish feeling.

One thing to make sure is that you’re having proper workout nutrition so that Indigo can to it’s best work. This article explains why you want quality protein and carbs during a workout. Basic whey is a start, but it’s not the best protein source. This article gets into the benefits of different proteins.

Chris, thank you, its been a ride and I am having fun with it!
I do have 2-3 protein shakes per day. I currently use Isopure low carb after breakfast, afternoon boost at work, and after a workout. On rest days I only consume it after breakfast (if a light breakfast, i.e. fruit and berries) and in the afternoon (stops me from getting hungry between lunch and dinner). Trying to keep my protein up to the 200g mark per day.
I read the articles, wondering if a Casein blend would be a good idea, if so post work out? I have a desk job but do keep dumbbell’s at my desk, not un common to see me in my office working arms, shoulders and back during the day.

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